Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Video Blog and a Friendly Disposition

     If I'm going to stick with this blog as long as I plan to, I need to keep things fresh. So today you may notice I tried something different... a video blog! I'm not the best writer out there because after four years in college I type far to formally.. or like i'm texting. A middle ground is something which I have to work on for these posts.  This was my first VB ever and it shows, but it was fun to make all the same :) If I do this in the future at least I will have learned some things along the way.

    The point I started to make in this blog is my mood and disposition is not optimal anymore. I get very easily stressed out, which leads to frustration and than I lash out at people who don't deserve it. On good days where my health is great, I go around walking on sunshine and I'd like to think I'm a pleasant person to be around.  

     On bad days thou? Maddy #2 , my evil twin, comes out and suddenly the quiet, easy going person people know me as melts away and whats left is a resentful, bitter, angry bitch person.  Little things set me off. The situation progresses quickly and I don't like the person I am anymore. At that point, I can identify that my anger is unjustified. Apologies are given out and I stew for a few more minutes as I get my calm back in check. All this misplaced aggression, stemming from my own fears over my health, are quickly snuffed out, but I don't like that it ever started.

     My solution? Exercising on the 'feel good' days and working on my art and writing on the lower days. Keeps my mind from working situations over and over, and gives my body a good reason to be tired for once! Today is one of those good days, and i've already made the most of it with some biking and finishing up a good book.



P.S. if you actually watched all 3 minutes of my ramblings in the VB, your a champ!



  1. Just wanted to say, I loved the video blog! It's like an extra little way that we can stay in touch. :) Hope everything is going well, and I will be thinking of you when we get to anything thyroid in school!

  2. Thank you :) Im still deciding if video blogs are worth it because between recording and editing it takes much longer than a simple written post would take

  3. Maddy~ This video is great and you really make me smile. I am sure it takes longer but I would vote for videos from you...that is of course if you blog was a democracy and you were actually putting that on the ballot :)

    I really like your "solution" for dealing with good days and not-so-much days. It takes a keen tuning in to yourself do be able to do that. I have a really hard time distinguishing between my wants and needs and the written part of this post is a great reminder.