Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Sappy Update

     Wow, its been sometime! I got settled in my new place and kinda let time get away from me..

     What really drew me back was a text message I recieved the other day from a very good friend of mine. I haven't seen her in almost a year but the other day I found out she has read my blog, and recommended I continue this if it makes me feel better. The gesture meant alot more than I can convey. 

     Sometimes I forget the amazing support system I have. No one pushes me beyond my limits, and no one asks me to hurry up.  Honestly I am very lucky and grateful for those that have been in my life!

     I hope this doesn't come out as bragging. I write this as a shout out to everyone that sticks with me. Who has dropped off soup, stayed at home with me, let plans change, visit me in the ER, drive me to doctors appointments when im dizzy, made me a "get better" package, sent flowers, let my cry in front of them, and simply kept in touch. In means so much to know that while im down, im not out in friend's lives. 

     It has been a crazy few months and it means the world to me that your still here.

     I plan to update more regularly in the near future. Maybe 2x a month?