Saturday, September 8, 2012

Big Changes and Anxiety (pt.1)

     Lots of moving and lots of changes recently! To keep it brief I made alot of big decisions revolving my life that I hope pan out. I quit my job, packed up all my belongings to fit into one car and moved back out east. It was a crazy few days as I basically spent 25 hours going from the front door of my parent's house in Germany, to my apartment in Colorado. Than the following day we were packed up and on the road to Kentucky! Two days later, I was in a new home closer to family for support.  I was proud, and surprised my thyroid (and me) handled those 4 days so well. Two days later, however, the old anxiety ridden me washed back up on shore..

     Which segways into my main topic: ways to deal with anxiety (part 1). Sometimes things just snowball out of control. You've probably heard the cliche 'mind over matter' or simply been told 'its all in your head.' Panic attacks and anxiety issues shouldn't be taken lightly though. They are generally a physical manifestation of stress in your life.

     A few months ago, my coping abilities were shot. I had been sick for months with no answer, and was only starting to get an idea for what my symptoms meant. The german doctor, hearing all this, gave me a sample packet of a herbal supplement containing St. John's Wort.

     St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is a small yellow flowered plant considered a weed in most of the United States. It is more widely known as a medicinal treatment for forms of depression and mood elevation. In Germany you can get it over the counter in 600mg tablets for once a day use. The only brand name I know and am familiar with is Neuroplant .

     I only did 11 tablets before I became stubborn. I’ve always had mixed feelings about pills that “enhance your mood.” Surprisingly thou, my stress and anxiety went down quite a bit. More importantly to the sanity of loved ones, my mood started to pan out. Talking about things that use to make me a debbie downer, were really more of a matter I could shrug off. It felt like when someone brought something up that could be worrisome, my brain recognized that but just pointed its middle finger to the sky.

    So why only 11 tablets? Because although I felt more “stable” my entire disposition became gloomier. Basically, I was a gloomy gus but felt like I could deal with anything. It was an odd combo for me and I didn't like it. I won't knock it to the point that I would say others shouldn't give it a shot, but for me personally it wasn't working.