Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Drug Interactions

Howdy-ho Readers!

      Now I originally was going to start this post in a piss-poor mood because I think im done with my current doctor. I was going to rant and rave about his methods, bedside manner, and understanding of thyroid conditions. Instead I decided to write this small passive-aggressive side note and skip on to the real subject :)

      Recently, I had alot of lower stomach issues. The doctor, not sure if it was bacterial or viral, decided to put me on strong antibiotics anyway. Well instead of making me feel better, I feel exceptionally worse. Now, being the genius I am, it took me a couple of days to realize that maybe I was having some drug interactions, instead of a drug reaction.

     Sure enough, CIPROFLOXACIN (the heavy antibiotic) can reduce the effects of levothyroxine. Everything im about to write down is parahrasing from So take my warning with a grain of salt. Ciprofloxacin interrupts gastrointestinal absorption of levothyroxine. It is recommended that there should be  a 6 hour gap between the medications.  Then, of course, ciprofloxacin is suppose to be taken every 12 hours. So unless your up around midnight this is all a sticky wicket.

     Anywho, I know now that was im feeling is the same as before I was on medication for my thyroid. I am super tired, things don't feel right in my chest, and my body is achy.

      Be warned people. Check drug interactions for yourself because doctors don't always know/ think to look into it.



  1. Maddy~ Thank you so much for posting this! I did not really think about the drug nteractions (can I blame it on brain fog?). I was on Cipro last summer for a bad infection and felt terrible for a long time after I was done the Cipro. Yuck. We have so much to keep track of as the thyroid healers that we are. I am really glad that you reminded me about this. I wonder what else would diminish the effects of our thyroid meds. I am on Nature-Throid now. Hmmmm....I'm going to now (and taking it with a grain of salt of course)

    OK, I'm back. Turns out Nature-Throid has a potential 522 drug interactions. This included testosterone and multi-vitamin with minerals. Check and check. I think though that the biggest shock of all this is how many drugs there actually are in this world. is shocking!

    Anyway, Maddy, sorry about your lame doctor. Be well and know that your fellow thyroid warrior is sending you healing thoughts :)

  2. How long did it take for you to feel better after you were off on Cipro? I've been off for about 2 days and I feel very light headed at times. Im not sure if its worth going to the doctor yet, because im back to just my regular two medicines. Also, its a big hassle at the moment to go in to a new doctor and have to give him an extremely long background story between thyroid issues and what lead up to taking the Cipro.

    Also, I was meaning to ask how you like Nature-thyroid? I've been considering going a more natural route with my medicine.

  3. Hey Maddy! I was visiting your blog and am just now seeing your question...3 months later! I wonder if you are on NatureThroid yet and how you are feeling. I have now been on it for 10 months and am definitely feeling better. It has helped with many of my symptoms and I don't have the roller coaster ride that my T3/T4 treatment was taking me on. I take it at night and have no issues sleeping (well, not usually but I don't think the NatureThroid causes any sleeping issues). Let me know how you are. I will try to subscribe to the comments on your blog so I will know when you write back instead of finding out 3 months later :)

    1. I haven't gotten on NatureThroid yet, my doctor doesn't seem to be keen on changing my regiment. I went in about two weeks ago for some more blood work and they never got back to me. Sometimes I think being a young adult puts me at a disadvantage because I feel like doctors don't take my opinions/concerns, seriously. Cuz my body is very much fatigued and achy these days. Im having a good day if I dont take a 3 hour afternoon nap.

      I'll actually be moving back to Colorado soon, so maybe I will just need to buckle down harder when I get back.